About Us

Suryamas was established on 21 September 1989 and obtained its legal status as a private limited company on 31 October 1990 with its main business as real estate developer in Indonesia.

The first project of the Company is the 400 hectares of Rancamaya Golf Estate, a premium residential
with resort mountainous green atmosphere. Since its opening in 1993, Rancamaya Golf Estate has also been famous for its private international standard 18 hole golf course, designed by Ted Robinson.

The project is also equipped with a clubhouse, country club with sports facilities, such as swimming pool, tennis court, fitness club, gym, spa, jacuzzi, restaurant, children playground, and function rooms.

Currently, various facilities have been added in Rancamaya Golf Estate, such as Highscope Indonesia  school, preschool and elementary level, an ATM Centre, commercial (offices and shops), social facilities, and other recreation facilities.

The whole project is managed by the internal Estate Management Division, which provides the services of cleaning, clean water (WTP), landscape, security, and other utilities.

In 2004, PT Multiraya Sinarindo, a subsidiary of Suryamas, launched the Mahogany Residence project at Cibubur, offering 325 premium homes with minimalist design (the “Mahogany Residence Project”). The Mahogany Residence Project, which occupies a land area of approximately 11.2 hectares, is located approximately 13 kilometers away from Jakarta and 24 kilometers from Jakarta’s central business district. The Mahogany Residence Project was successfully completed in 2008. All of its 325 units of houses were successfully sold by October 2008 at one of the highest land prices as compared to other residential projects in the Cibubur area at that time.

In 2008, Suryamas entered into a joint venture to develop a new township project known as a Harvest City located at the Cibubur-Cileungsi area (the “Harvest City Project”). In October 2008, Suryamas launched the Harvest City Project, with a license to develop an area of approximately 1,050 hectares. With a license of 1,050 hectares, Harvest City has become the biggest new township project in the fast growing of Cibubur – Cileungsi area. Harvest City lies on two districts, Bogor District (South direction) and Bekasi District
(East direction).

In 2008, Suryamas established the Highscope School in Rancamaya Golf Estate for preschool. Suryamas has expanded the Highscope School in order to provide a higher level of elementary education, which has been operating since July 2014.

In June 2012, carried out the launch of a concept housing that is located in the city of Bogor and named as Royal Tajur and built on a land area of total 7.2 hectares as a first stage. The total license of Royal Tajur project is 81.2 hectares. 

To improve the integrity of its business, Suryamas continues to add facilities, such as by building R Hotel in Rancamaya, which has opened commercially for visitors since 2014, and land area in Balaraja with a total area of 20 hectares in 2015. During 2016, the Company also developed lands by acquiring new lands in existing housing projects.

In 2017, the Company focused on opening new clusters for residential projects besides developing new land areas such as Harvest City residential project which has a new masterplan of 1,350 hectares, increased from 1,050 hectares.