Would you find a symphony of living at Amadeus?
Yes! We provide affordable, cute, and unique homes that are naturally beautified by Mt. Pangrango-Gede views
and furnished with a wide array of facilities as a supporting part of healthy, comforts, and ease living.

Truly, a perfect match for young, busy, productive family.

Site Plan

House Type

CRECENDO - 40 m2

MARCATO - 65 m2

ANDANTE - 90 m2

ANIMATIO - 40 m2


LEGATO - 43 m2


Pondasi : Tiang pancang Listrik : 2200 VA
Dinding : Bata plester & cat Air : PDAM
Lantai : Keramik/Homogeneous
Tile 60x60
Sanitair : American standard / setara
Platform : - Gypsum fin cat (area kering) Atap : Rangka baja

  - Kalsiboard (area basah)
Kusen : - Kusen Aluminium

  - Daun pintu utama panel Solid engineering

  - Daun pintu kamar lainnya Engineering door
  - Daun pintu kamar mandi Alumunium + kaca tinted ex. Alphamax (Allure)