Introducing the second cluster in our 28 hectares KINGSVILLE district, AMADEUS.

In AMADEUS, limits building coverage (KDB) only 30%, it allows us to have a growing concept house and the extra green area within your property.

Surrounded with beautiful scenery of Mt. Pangrango-Gede, mix harmony with an 8.000 sqm water feature called “Walk in the Pond”, and a wide array of facilities such as clubhouse, communal open space, green belt, commercial area, and not to forget, access to future BIRR (Bogor Inner Ring Road), makes AMADEUS an affordable homes for young couple with numerous benefits.

AMADEUS named after the legendary musician, Wolfgang AMADEUS Mozart.

AMADEUS = Truly the Symphony of Living

Site Plan

House Type

CRECENDO - 40 m2

MARCATO - 65 m2

ANDANTE - 90 m2

ANIMATIO - 40 m2


Pondasi: Tiang pancangKusen: - Kusen Aluminium
Dinding: Bata plester & cat
  - Daun pintu utama panel Solid engineering
Lantai: Keramik/Homogeneous Tile 60x60
  - Daun pintu kamar lainnya Engineering door
Platform: - Gypsum fin cat (area kering)
  - Kamar mandi Honeycomb waterproof

  - Kalsiboard (area basah)Sanitair: American standard / setara
Atap: Rangka bajaListrik: 1300 VA / 2200 VA